Gunite                                               10 Year

Pool Equipment                               3 Year (Through Pentair 1-800-831-7133)

                                                              Client must register equipment with Pentair.

Tile                                                      10 Year (materials only)

Coping                                               10 Year (materials only)

Concrete Decking                         Not possible to warranty concrete against cracking.

                                                              All concrete is reinforced with rebar 14" on center.

Spray/Stamp Texture                   10 Year

Concrete Sealer                                  1 Year

Concrete Paint                                    1 Year

Electrical                                           10 Year

Plumbing                                          10 Year (below ground only)

Pebble Plaster                                 10 Year

Pavers                                                10 Year (materials only)

* Warranties are non-transferable*