• Plot plan which includes the outside perimeter measurements of your home and other structures on your property. Must show build lines & utility easements.
  • A picture of the back of your house showing all windows & doors. (needed for your 3D design)
  • Pictures of pool designs you like.
  • Home Owners Association information. Website, Phone Number & Contact Information.
  • Email everything to service@aquiferpools.com.

1.Choose your tile.

2.Choose your coping.

3.Choose your plaster.

4.Choose your decking.

Finally, send an estimate request.....

Estimate Request

First, gather these items.....

Next, choose your tile, coping, plaster & decking.....

Why do I need to send a budget?

Sending a budget saves time and effort. All pools are designed within the budget set by you. This reduces confusion and design time.