Pentair EasyTouch


Pool Automation that is simple and affordable

The eEasyTouch control system eliminates the inconvenience of trips to your pool equipment pad, memorizing operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats. With push button operation and clear, intuitive instructions and displays, your EasyTouch system includes all circuitry and fully programable controls in a single Load Center installed near your pool or spa equipment. Available in Four-Function or Eight -Function systems. Supports variable speed and variable flow pumps, pool lighting, landscape lighting, waterfalls, fountains, heaters and more. Pair your EasyTouch system with a poolside remote control or a ScreanLogic WiFi bundle and control your pool functions from your internet capable device.

Alternative to a fully automated control system

The Intermatic dual pool timer turns pumps on and off according to set programs and when temperatures drop below the user-adjustable set point on the thermostat. The Intermatic dual pool timer has GFCI and switch mounting capabilities. It has a heavy duty type 3R metal indoor / outdoor enclosure. Pair this mechanical automation timer with the IntelliBrite controller conveniently placed near your patio to control your IntelliBrite color change LED lights or, a basic light switch with an AmeriBrite white LED lights.